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Become a top White-hat link building expert ( The most Important Skills for SEO) and build links they way “great link builders” build links to drive traffic & increase rankings.

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Link is the biggest ranking factor. Every site needs high quality links to rank highly on the search engine result page. This needs is not going to be changed in near future as well. Any site owners who need visitors from search engine actively looks for link building opportunity. They spend a good amount of money for links. They always are looking for qualified SEO expert with specialty in link building.

Why to Know About Career in SEO

Practically every little or huge businesses that have a site is currently putting resources into SEO to get best positioning in Google search results. Career in SEO in India is becoming popular and in the event that you see the history and recent ads on prominent job portals, you will find that requirement for SEO experts in India is becoming regular.

Why it ?

Master the Core of all white-hat Link Building Strategies and make your SEO Career Future-proof, Lucrative and High Paying

This hands-on course goes into the nitty-gritty details of getting links in using outreach strategies.The course will empower you to become highly skilled white-hat link builder and content marketer. Your knowledge and understanding about link building will be profound and clear. You can take SEO as a long term career. And your income from SEO will grow significantly. The bonus benefit is the knowledge will help you to advance your career towards better roles in digital marketing.

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Delivery method

We offer a range of flexible learning options to suit different learning styles and accommodate busy schedules, including traditional classroom courses, innovative full-time training and a range of eLearning solutions.



Face-to-face learning under the exeperienced SEO practioners. 3 Days Long Workshop. Course fee Tk 18,000.


Online Course

Pre-recored lessons. Learn your own face and from anywhere. Course fee Tk 9000.

Become a top level White-hat link building expert – and build a long term SEO career. Call or Contact Us

Meet the Mentors

Highly experinced SEO team with 30+ years of combined experience.

Abul Kashem

Ceo & Founder, XPONENT. 12+ years of SEO experience.

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Abdullah al-Mamun

Sr. SEO Manager with 10+ years of SEO experience.

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Mahbub Ur Rahaman

Sr. SEO Manager with 10+ years of SEO experience.

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Why Train with Us

We are passionate and focussed on your training and development needs and offer many strong reasons as to why you should consider training with us

Link Building Experts

All of our mentors are practitioners not trainers. You will learn from those who really build links. Most of the mentors have been working in especially in link building for nearly 12 years. None in Bangladesh is as experienced as we are in link building. We run specialized link building business.

Designed from Experience

The course is designed based on our own experience of running link building campaigns over the years. You will find the course is easy to follow, understand and execute. We have covered every situations that you might face in real life link building projects.

Course Content

Students of “Learn by doing” and class room training will also get access to the online course. Besides course content, you will get access to member only video and text content. The content will help you to solidify your knowledge and skills which will in turn help you to become better link building experts.


You will be added a close facebook group. The group will work in various ways. You will get course related help from us through the group as well as you will get connected with other link builders. Networking is highly important to become successful link building. It will be hugely valuable for you in the long run.

Placement Help

We hire link builders regularly. You will get the opportunity first, if we have any requirements. We also get requests from various sources from local and international companies to recommend SEO experts. We can recommend you if you need any job.

Selection based

We run the training to create international quality link building experts. Not everyone is suitable for this kind of career. There will be an pre-admission interview if you want to enroll for either ‘Learn by doing” or classroom training. The purpose of the intereview is to make sure your time and money is not wasted enrolling in a wrong training. There will be no interview for online course.


Frequently Asked Questions Questions

At our Chittagong office.
When the second intake will be started is not decided yet. But We think, it will not be before March 2019.
The purpose is to make sure your time and money is not wasted enrolling in a wrong training.